How To Use Epilators For Painless Hair Removal

Epilators put women through big pains. There is no secret in this. In case you were wondering what epilators are, find out they are these devices that remove all the hair from the root by the rotation of the tweezers. In other words, pain.

The idea of this article is to share some of the epilator tips and tricks so you avoid pain and you manage yourself through the entire stressful process of eliminating unwanted hair from the surface of your body.

Here are few of the tips on making epilation less painful:

  1. Use lidocaine creams

Also known as numbing creams, lidocaine creams will numb your body, making the entire process of epilation a pain-free method like the one of shaving.

  1. Exfoliation

In case you don’t like to use numbing creams, there are methods through which you can reduce the pain: exfoliate your body, or take a hot shower before using the machine.

  1. Hold the skin taunt

By holding the skin taunt you numb it by mechanical action. You will no longer feel the pain and the hair trapped in the pores will come out more easily.

  1. Use a wet&dry epilator

Now let’s talk about each and every one of these tips, separately.

  1. Lidocaine creams. Dr. Numb, Lidocaine Plus and Topicaine, these are all creams women are using to make their epilation more bearable. While Dr. Numb is more expensive, Lidocaine isn’t. It is being said Topicaine is the best one. With only 5% lidocaine, this cream is made by the ESBA Laboratories. At the same price as Dr. Numb, Topicaine has 5% topical aesthetic concentration. It is recommended to anyone, for anything: from laser removal treatments to making tattoos and obviously, epilating.
  2. Take a shower or a hot bath before epilating, and get the pores opened. When the pores are opened, it is easier for the follicles of hair to be removed. However, be careful not to use the epilator until you are completely dry, as you may electrocute yourself. Exfoliation removes all the dead cells, minimizing the number of ingrown hair. It is important to continue to exfoliate every day if you want to avoid ingrown hair. You can use an exfoliating glove, a scrub or a pour kosher salt into the shower gel (thing that will be exactly as scrubs are). The other role of exfoliation is to make the skin less oily. FInd out more here.
  3. As said earlier, with one hand hold the skin taunt, with the other hold the epilator. This will make the pain to be felt less intensely. For the underarms, stretch them as much as you can.
  4. A wet and dry epilator can be used under the shower too. Therefore, you get to epilate while the pores are being open. This way, you get to the root more easily. Some women’s hair may be too soft so the epilator doesn’t get to pluck the hair from the root anymore.

Another smart idea of epilating without pain is to get an epilator with more tweezers, and you can also check this link for more information.

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