Hair Care tips and Advice for Great looking Hair

We all know that woman with perfect hair. She is the one who gets up in the morning, very early, and starts to take care of her hair, so she comes to work with a perfect hairstyle. She probably applies leave-in treatments and takes care of her hair like is the most precious thing in the world.

Much as we want to be this woman, our lives are too hectic and too busy for it. Yet there are a few simple steps we can take in order to improve the wellbeing of our locks.

We’ve looked for the top five hair care commandments that specialists from around the world have agreed upon. No matter what kind of hair you have, look over all the do’s and don’ts in order to have a healthier, more manageable hair.  This way, we hope to banish all the bad hair days forever.

Here are the tips and tricks to be checked for your hair to be healthier:

  1. It is important to wash your hair more rarely and not that often. Washing your hair two or three times a week is much healthier than doing it every day. “How often do you wash your hair?” is the question all the hair specialists are asking. It doesn’t matter how healthy you think your hair feels after every wash, find out that it isn’t. This is all because the natural oils of your head are meant to take care of your hair by natural means, so when you are using shampoo you are interfering with the way the natural process of cleaning is taking place.
  2. Be careful with colored hair. It is important not to over-wash colored hair as with time, it is going to lose its shine and become dull. Shampooing makes dry hair drier.
  3. Don’t use the blow dryer. While many would say the blow dryer must be used for the person to not get headaches, this is completely false. The blow dryer can only damage your hair. Now, if you are after bath and you must wait for your hair to dry, don’t go outside in the cold and wait for the hair to dry until you catch a cold. Just keep it at the room temperature and you should be fine. Your hair needs to dry naturally, no matter the superstitions you have heard about making it healthier with the blow dryer.
  4. Make sure the shampoo you are using is meant for the type of hair you are having. Whether you have a greasy or a dry hair, or a mixture of those two, it is important the shampoo of your choosing to be the shampoo appropriate for your hair. Therefore, if your hair is greasy and oily, go for a shampoo for greasy and oily hair. It will make it dryer and you will feel healthier and more beautiful every day.
  5. Consume a healthy diet. The hair is as beautiful as you are inside. That’s why staying healthy for being a beauty is essential.


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