Hair Loss

Hair Loss Tablets – Do They Helphi Relieve Tnning Hair?

Hair loss is a common issue with aging men and, sometimes, younger men and women. In men, it happens naturally as they age, though it can start at a younger age. Women usually experience baldness as a side effect from a medical condition or, most commonly, stress. Balding isn’t known as a significant life-threatening condition, but it does affect people’s self-esteem.

Most baldness treatment options are presented in the form of hair loss tablets, as they aim to help restore the hair follicles of the head’s scalp back to normal. Some tablets promote blood circulation within the scalp while others might affect apparent hormonal imbalances that might be present within the body. Alternative hair loss treatments include surgery and hair pieces like wings.

Although there are treatments for hair loss, many hair loss tablets aren’t cleared by medical professionals, as they contain ingredients that haven’t been cleared by health organizations like the FDA. Always talk to your healthcare provider about your potential solutions for hair loss.

Hair loss tablets – Minoxidil

Minoxidil (sold under the brand name Regaine) is commonly sold as an over-the-counter topical solution or liquid. It’s also available as hair loss tablets. This medication was first used in patients with heart disease, where they reported that they found their hair growing at an increased rate.

Despite that, medical professionals don’t have a clear idea about how Minoxidil works. Minoxidil is known to increase potentially blood flow to the hair follicles of the scalp.

Minoxidil should be applied twice a day; it does, however, take about four months to see noticeable results. About two-thirds of men who have used Minoxidil reported some improvement in their hair growth, which ranged from minimal to nearly dense hair growth.

When hair starts to regrow after taking Minoxidil, it will be softer, downy and usually not as visible as thicker hair. Continuing to use this medication will likely make new hair change into the same color and thickness of your existing hair. Minoxidil might help you regrow as much as 25 percent of existing hair, depending on the severity and known duration of your hair loss.

It’s currently not possible to know if Minoxidil will work for you as people who have used Minoxidil have reported results unique to their hair loss problems. If you stop using Minoxidil at any time, any hair grown with the assistance of Minoxidil will shed after three to four months, causing you’re balding to happen again.